Client Experience

    •    We are located in a residential neighborhood, but you will find the same kind of professional atmosphere as you will in the downtown studios.
    •    Bring your clients to your session with confidence that they will be well accommodated.
    •    Comfy seating
    •    Coffee bar
    •    Refrigerator
    •    Separate restroom for customers
    •    We provide water & snacks for all sessions.  
    •    We can also arrange for restaurant delivery, and special requests.

Voice Over

    •    Convenient location for North-of-Seattle customers
    •    Engineer with 30 years experience recording/editing VO
    •    Phone Patch: Direct your Seattle area talent from anywhere in the world
    •    Pro Sound Processing
    •    EQ, Compression
    •    De-Ess
    •    Cleanup P-pops, mouth smacks, & breaths
    •    Client-friendly atmosphere
    •    Sync / Edit to Video
    •    VO talent can hear/see your video on the booth monitor while recording

Audio Post

    •    Having your soundtrack POP on radio / TV / social media is VITAL!  We have the skills, and we have the ears.
    •    We are able to properly engineer your project. We accomplish what cannot be done in the video suite.
    •    Having your message heard and understood is everything. We will help to:
    •    Bring out the subtle syllables and clarity in voice work
    •    Make your music/SFX heard, but not overwhelming
    •    We have 30 years of experience producing soundtracks. That’s a lot of close listening and fine-tuning!
    •    Processing, such as EQ, Compression, reverb on music & sfx transitions, and noise reduction for problem audio bring your audio to correct technical specifications (i.e. The CALM Act), and make your listeners more comfortable whether they listen at loud or quiet volumes

Music Composition

    •    Find the emotional core of your story. Make your audience feel your message.
    •    Custom music can be tailored to your project as your story evolves. Custom music is better able to follow the story arc, and keeps awkward emotional transitions out of the storytelling.
    •    Demo reel here
    •    TV & Radio Commercials
    •    Feature Films
    •    Social Media Videos
    •    Short & Long Form Documentaries
    •    Clients include:
    •    Seattle Seahawks
    •    Providence/Swedish Hospitals
    •    Starbucks
    •    Microsoft
    •    Tulalip Casino
    •    Sounders FC  

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